Scoutmaster’s Corner

Benefit of the Doubt

You never know what people are carrying around inside them, what they are going through. He looks fine, but perhaps he just had a nasty fight with his mom or dad. She looks fine, but perhaps she just failed a major test. Give people the benefit of the doubt. You may have encountered them on a bad day.


I have been a CPR and first aid instructor for many years.  One of the videos that I show for CPR training shows an accident scene with many people standing around.  Of all the people standing around, some are trying to decide what to do, whether to act or not get involved.  One peeks out of her window and decides not to get involved.  Another thinks, “I wonder if she is bleeding.”  But, one man begins looking around the scene and deciding if it is safe for him to enter.  All of the other people are standing around waiting, not sure what to do.  When this one man takes one step forward, everyone else takes a step forward.  His simple act of bravery to get involved encourages everyone else to step forward and follow him.  Will you be the brave one to step forward and lead others?

Giving and Taking

We talk about giving and taking in Scouts. On the way to First Class, scouts are mostly taking – learning skills, figuring out how scouting works, becoming a patrol. After First Class, scouts are expected to start giving more – demonstrating leadership, teaching other scouts, serving their community.

This isn’t just so scouts balance the Give-Take books before they turn 18 and leave the troop. The giving is where the character building happens.

People that only take, eat well.
But people that give, sleep well.

The SCOUT SLOGAN – Do a Good Turn Daily – updated 5-3-15

Last week a student of mine who is working to earn his Black Belt in Karate, told me that his teacher required him to do 500 reparations in the next 10 weeks. A reparation is an action that rights a wrong. I thought about this and how each of us as Scouts are asked to complete a good turn daily. I also know that habits are hard to break once established. Therefore I challenge each Scout and Scouter to do 500 Good Turns before the end of summer. That would be about 5 a day. By taking on this challenge you will be having to pay attention every day, all day long, for opportunities to do a good turn. After 500 good turns, you will be in such a habit, that you will be looking for chances to do a good turn for the rest of your life. What an awesome habit to create. Join me and TAKE the CHALLENGE!

Mr. Edscorn

One Response to Scoutmaster’s Corner

  1. Joey says:

    I think that this is a great challenge for everyone to complete! From Joey

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