Very old post – Updates coming soon – 1-29-16


Summer Camp Balances due on May 14 – Be sure to pay your balance by then to continue to get the early bird discount.

Med Forms due May 21 – We need new medical forms signed by a doctor in 1 week. These have to be sent to camp. Get those forms in ASAP!

Summer Camp Merit Badge signup  – We will work with each Scout to help them choose the best set of badges to work on and with the troop to decide on afternoon and evening activities. Be sure to bring the summer camp packet that was handed out a couple of months ago with all of the options to choose from.

Shooting Sports Campout is coming soon.  – Be sure to come to the next 2 troop meetings if you can to learn rifle shooting safety.

Biking – Start getting your bicycle out of storage, cleaned up, and ready for a bike clinic and maintenance night coming soon as we prepare for our summer trip to Nantucket Island!

Mandatory Summer Camp Meeting – June 4 – Parents and Scouts

Pack Out – We will be supporting the Cub Scout Pack for their spring Pack Out at our campsite at Cunningham Pond on June 6 and 7. We’ll need to do some campsite improvements before then. This will be a great chance to help the Cubs and their parents to get a taste of Boy Scouting. Speaking of Taste, we will be wanting to show off our wonderful outdoor cooking skills. Cubs in buddy pairs will pair up with Scout buddy pairs and will spend the afternoon and evening and camp the night with the patrols while the Lost Explorers show the parents what fun we all have in the adult “patrol.” We have an extra-large budget for food so we can feed them well.

PRD Service Project – The next day on June 7th, in the afternoon, the troop will have our annual THANK YOU – Service project for the Peterborough Recreation Department, by preparing the firewood for their summer program. Be sure to save that afternoon to help out for a few hours. It’s always a hard working fun time.

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