White Mountain Trip

We're ready too!

Ready to go!

We're ready to go!

We’re ready too!


Troop 8 Selfie on top of North Kinsman

Al and dinner of mashed potatoes

Al and dinner of mashed potatoes

Almost there

Cairn on South Kinsman

Cannon Mountain

Cannon Mtn

Cascade Brook

Fearless SM

Happy campers


Hokey Heart picture

If a bit crazy


Kinsman Pond and North Kinsman Peak

Kinsman Pond from top of N Kinsman Peak - Presidentials range

Kinsman Pond tent platform

Lunch on Sunday - Kinsman Pond Trail


Marc and Kyle on a rock

mmm so comfortable

Pre-dawn glow to the east

Ryan and Dana

Somewhat fearless ASMs


Sunset from South Kinsman

Super Moon setting

t8 lonesome lake bridge

T8 Selfie

Ta Da!

Trail steps

Valley fog

We made it 2

We made it 3

We made it!

We're still doing super fantastic

Where are we

Where are we??


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