Androscoggin Trip

DSC_4833 wow it's cold upstream trip The take out the canoes the basin 4 the basin 3 the basin 2 The Basin stuck on a rock ryan bumping edited Ben and Justin Ryan resting spot 2 oh it's cold Marc and Anthony Marc loading canoes 2 Kyle and Dalton kyle Justin 2 Justin It I think I found a Geocache I can't believe I'm doing this again Grilled cheese getting ready to canoe getting ready to bump the rapids early morning paddle Don't worry I'll hit the apple on your head with my eyes closed david Dalton 2 Dalton cold toes champion bumper canoeing bumping the androscoggin bumping Ben basin swimming 2 basin swimming basin swim 7 basin swim 6 basin swim 5 basin swim 4 basin swim 3 assault boats anthony 2 Anthony Alex 2 Alex a resting spot

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