July Announcements- Swimming/Snorkeling

1   Approximately 7:30 Return to Adams Playground parking lot for pictures after airshow

5   Informal Troop Meeting – Cunningham Pond – 6:30-8:00pm- swimming

7   Peterborough Fireworks Concession – Troop Fundraiser  Set up at 4:30pm ends at 9:00 PM- Bring whole family

8   Eagle Court of Honor – Joseph and Alex Carracappa – 12:30pm St. Patrick School Gym, Main street, Jaffery

11   PLC 6:30-8:30pm location TBD

12   6:30- 8:00 Informal Troop Meeting – Cunningham Pond- more swimming

14 Peterborough Fireworks rain date

19 No Troop meeting

22 No Troop Committee Meeting

20-23 Nantucket Bike Trip

23   Pre-camp meeting -SPL/ASPL/SM/ASM  Hidden Valley 5pm

26   Informal Troop Meeting- Cunningham Pond 6:30-8pm

Annual Program Planning Conference- to be rescheduled Planning, Lunch, Bowling, PLC- date not determined

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