Jamboree Fun

Here is a review of all the fun stuff Troop Eight did at the NH Jamboree.  If  you missed it, there will be another one in four years.  It was a lot of fun, and here is something Steven B. wrote about it. 

The troop arrived Friday evening. We had to bring troop gear to our site and set up tents. At around 10:30 pm we went to bed ready for the next day. Saturday morning at around 10am we went down to the base lodge for the opening ceremony. At around 11am we were dismissed to head for our 3mi walk down to the town square were the Jamboree was held. Then when we arrived we went with our buddies to explore the different stores and activities.  Scouts enjoyed the many activities that were there like boating, biking and demonstrations. At the end of the day we were transported back to the base lodge by shuttle.  Sunday morning we packed up our gear and headed home after a thrilling weekend.

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One Response to Jamboree Fun

  1. Mr. Edscorn says:

    Nice narrative. Thanks Stephen. I too had a really fun time and got a lot of good ideas for our troop to share with the PLC for planning for the coming year.

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